The Pullman Transportation Plan seeks to improve access to the Pullman National Monument, Pullman historic district, and surrounding neighborhoods for both visitors and residents.

The Results are In…

We appreciate the interest and input that the Pullman Transportation and Access Plan has received to date.  So far, we have received:

  • 156 responses to the survey
  • 962 unique users to
  • 3,742 web site hits
  • 1,126 LinkedIn views of Pullman Open House announcement
  • 26 comments to Pullman map
  • 74 attendees at Pullman Transportation Open House on February 26

Key themes expressed in the survey include:

  • 90% believe it is important or very important to coordinate signs for pedestrians, bikers, transit riders and cars;
  • 97% believe it is important or very important to improve conditions of walkways along Cottage Grove and 111th Street;
  • 94% believe it is important or very important to make the 111th Street Pullman Metra a regular stop during major events;
  • 80% believe it is important or very important to make 111th Street a primary east west street for bicyclists; and
  • 89% believe it is important or very important to identify locations for tour bus drop-off and pick-up and limit idling on residential streets.

To see full results, click here.

If you missed the Open House, you can view the presentation and boards.

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The community’s feedback is important and will continue to be incorporated into the final plan. Keep commenting and stay tuned!  Check back for the Pullman Transportation and Access Plan which will be drafted this Spring.

—————Date: February 9th, 2017—————

Open House (1/26/17) Coverage

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Residents Fill the Visitor Center

Kathy Schneider, the Pullman National Monument’s First Superintendent, in describing what she has found Pullman so special in her first three months on the job, said that it is the Pullman residents that make the place so unique.  The history of the area, the architecture, and the participation of the community all point to Pullman being different than any other National Monument or National Park.  It is now a time to come together to make the area even better known and visited both for Chicagoans and people from all over the country.


From left to right, speakers Joe, Kathy, and Sarah

Joe Iacobucci, director of transit for Sam Schwartz Engineering, kicked off the meeting welcoming the 80+ residents to participate in a critical piece of a new transportation and access plan that is being created for the Pullman National Monument.  Building on all of the hard work that was done for Positioning Pullman, the transportation plan will start to make specific recommendations that will make the area more accessible.  As Sarah Kellerman, also of Sam Schwartz pointed out, while the area is very transit rich – with CTA bus routes and four Metra stations – navigating the area can sometimes be difficult.  With the right improvements in wayfinding, signage, sidewalks, paths, and appropriate parking, the area can be improved both for the visitor experience and for local residents.


Joe speaking to meeting attendees

When Scott Goldstein of Teska Associates asked how many people lived in Pullman, virtually every hand went up, and over half of the hands stayed up when Scott asked how many had lived in Pullman over twenty years.  Scott shared initial results of the 142 people who had taken the survey – over half of whom live in Pullman.

Key comments from residents during the break-out sessions included:

  • I like what they’ve done with the Metra Station at 111th Street
  • Make it easier to cross 111th Street
  • Coordinate signage better and clean-up the clutter

There’s still more work to be done, so everyone was reminded to take the survey if they had not done so yet, and post comments to the web site.  Stay tuned for the plan that will be developed this Spring based on the input that has been received.

To view the materials presented at the open house, visit the Resources page here.

—————Date: January 27th, 2017—————